In addition to GPs, other clinicians can provide healthcare:

Nurse Practitioner: 
Caroline Syms, Clare Witton & Kirsty Norvill 
Advice, minor illness treatment, prescription, hospital admission

Clinical Practice Pharmacist: 
Kathy Edmunds
Medication safety/management review, prescription, blood-pressure check, physical exam, respiratory check

Practice Nurses: 
Tina Elliston, Pam Payne, Emma Studley & Amanda Botley
Chronic disease clinic, smear, pessary, blood-thinner check 
travel advice, suture/clip removal, dressing, immunisation

Health Care Assistant (HCA): 
Sarah Pitman, Ana De Oliveira & Jennie Parvin
New patient check, blood-pressure check, circulation check, ear syringing, heart trace, suture removal, lifestyle advice, dressing, phlebotomy, doppler, influenza and pneumonia vaccination

Health Coaches: 
Angela Kinsey, Heather Pearce, & Sharon Smith
Chronic condition management, lifestyle advice, signposting

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