The Practice offers appointments that can be booked for any time between 08:30 and 18:30, Monday to Friday, by telephoning 01460 240707. Our phone line is open from 8am every day,whilst the surgery building is open from 8.30am.

Bookable, routine, telephone appointments

Doctors can answer many queries in a telephone consultation. These can be booked up to six weeks ahead for any non-urgent matters, including follow-ups or ongoing problems.

Bookable, routine, face-to-face appointments

These can be booked up to six weeks ahead for any non-urgent matters, including follow-ups or ongoing problems. Waiting times for routine appointments vary, depending on whether you wish to see a specific GP or need an appointment at a certain time of day.

Urgent appointments

These are intended for problems requiring attention that day. If you cannot wait for the bookable appointments above, you can call any time between 08:00 and 17:30, and ask to arrange a duty doctor call-back. If the doctor feels a face-to-face appointment is still required, he or she will arrange for you to see a GP, Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse. Usually, patients booked in the morning will get a call-back in the morning and patients booked in the afternoon will receive a call-back in the afternoon/early evening. We cannot promise an exact time, as there are often unpredictable factors involved in a GP's day, such as attending emergencies. Once all the slots have been allocated you may have to call back the following day. Should you feel you are unable to wait please call 111 or, in the event of an emergency, 999.

Please tell the receptionist if your health problem is urgent, and they will ensure a doctor calls you as soon possible.

Why am I asked the reason for my call?

Understanding your needs helps receptionists refer you to the right service, and helps the doctor when returning your call. The reception team is bound by the same confidentiality policy as the clinical staff. If you are speaking at the reception desk and do not wish to explain your concerns verbally, the receptionist will give you a form to write on.



Online Access

You can book your appointments Online  (sign-up required). Please request sign-up details from reception.