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updated at 05:35pm on 01/11/2017

by South petherton gave South Petherton Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Great pratice

I moved to South petherton 9 years ago and joined this practice.
It was very different to the small family surgery I was with in Taunton, whom I had a very good relationship with my then gp.
Needless to say over time and building a trusted relationship with my named doctor here it proved, in my opinion to be an outstanding practice.
I have always managed to get an appointment or offered a telephone call with the doctor I preferred.
I had an amazing doctor who listened to me, was extremely patient and never made me feel foolish
For seeing them with what i thought was important.
I think these doctor's work extremely hard without the recognition they so deserve.
Well done South p/ martock GPS I think you all do a FANTASTIC job considering the pressure you are under.

Visited in October 2017, Posted on 31 October 2017

by Steve Sharples gave Church Street Surgery, Martock a rating of 5 stars

new patient welcome with great medical services

I moved from the West Midlands to near Martock and changed GP's. As part of the joining procedure I gave a urine sample - no problem I thought But on my opening meeting with a GP they checked the sample and found their was a problem.

I was asked to provide another sample this I did and it had the same problems as before so I was told by a phone call from a senior partner. They fully explained the next step - send it for further testing at a local lab. A short time later they rang me again to tell me it wasn't an infection but something that needed further examination and they would write to the local hospital. A couple of days later I had an appointment at the hospital.

3 Brilliant things-

1 the speed that the whole exams took place
2 At each stage the results were given to me and the options for treatment were discussed and I made the decision as to what was going to happen to me next.
3 The Professionalism of all the staff that I have met since I originally applied to join the practice

Just one problem though. As a Patient Leader and an x chair of a highly innovative PPG I can't make contact with the practice PPG

Visited in May 2017, Posted on 21 May 2017